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White Tiger Token is a first of its kind crypto token built on the Ethereum Blockchain Technology and designed for use in the Ethereum virtual machine platform powered by “Solidity” and open ledger smart contracts in Ethereum Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The White Tiger Token “WTT” is a game theory platform with a full menu of gaming apps; think angry birds meets Pokémon go meet the lottery all the time earning (White Tiger Tokens).

What separates WTT from the rest are not only a slew of technology and gaming innovation but more importantly that the entire White Tiger Token network donates a full 50% of all profits to charities on its open ledger. This format allows complete transparency through the implementation of open ledger smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain as well as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that guarantees implementation according to the rules established by the smart contract.



(upon their agreements) will include operation smile (surgeons repair/ cleft plates in impoverished countries), Doctors without borders, James Robinson’s “water for life”. (Drilling water wells in impoverished areas for fresh/clean drinking water) and white tiger preservation Organizations.
charity water

White Tiger Token is organizing a dream team of technology pioneers as well as an ambitious group of “young Turks” eager to combine efforts that not only create a lasting technology juggernaut reaping a great return for investors while addressing the vital needs of international citizens.


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